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Secure Destruction - Strategic Benefits

Consider these benefits of choosing Recall as your document destruction provider:

  • Security – Recall’s measures of security are some of the strictest in the industry. When you partner with Recall, you can rest assured your sensitive information is well-protected and handled responsibly.

  • Compliance – Laws regulating privacy and protection of information are getting stricter and more prolific, especially in the fields of Banking, Finance, Healthcare and Government. Recall’s industry experience and global team of experts can provide the knowledge and insight to help you navigate these turbulent, if not unchartered, waters.

  • Right-Sizing – When outsourcing document destruction to Recall, security and cost-effectiveness come hand-in-hand. Unlike many of our competitors, Recall can “right size” our services to fit your specific needs. Together, we will assess the right size and number of bins as well as service required for you to benefit from a more efficient, compliant document destruction program that is cost-effective and secure.

  • Stability – While Recall has the flexibility to scale our solutions to suit your needs, we are also a proven global leader with financial stability and a wealth of resources. For example, Recall invests in Six Sigma and Lean methodologies to improve the efficacy of our processes and procedures to provide even more value. To learn more about Recall’s commitment to continuous improvement, visit our IMPACT section.

  • Sustainability – With a global footprint, Recall is able to make a big, positive impact on the environment. Last year alone, the amount of material we sent out for recycling accounted for approximately three million trees. But by making disposal easier and more convenient, Recall hopes to collect even more material to recycle and repurpose. So, we encourage our customers to place 100 percent of their paper for disposal (sensitive or not) into Recall bins – and we don’t require customers to remove paperclips, staples, folder covers, etc.

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